Worth listening to

20 Mar 2019


When I’ve created this blog my main goal was to write technical notes. Well, not everything I work on is worth writing about therefore I must switch context and fill this column with something else. Don’t despair thou, technical posts will soon follow.

As I’m big fan of both, amassing knowledge and little rituals to make this task more efficient I’ve decided to spend part of every Wednesday to watch some good technical livestreams or recordings. There is no shortage of materials out there but the one must be careful to select those of value, so you don’t waste your time. I admit - it’s not always easy to watch it - when someone painstakingly is trying to remember correct syntax of some random API method (like me, once) I’m becoming very anxious and would like to skip to the moment that interest me.

I would like to share some of those content creators I’ve chosen to add to my list. Bear in mind thou, that given my little experience with livestreams my recommendations should be taken with a grain of salt and what I might like might not necessarily appeal to you.

Honorable mentions should of course go to two streamers that I more of less know and watched for long time - Gynvael and LiveOverflow. Gynvael, who hosted me once does longer streams and dibble in many topics revolving around security, but also development, operating system and programming languages. LiveOverflow streams are usually much shorter, heavily edited but fairly entertaining.

I will probably revisit this post in some time or rather create a new one once I catch up on some of the material I’ve mentioned and will share my impressions. What we all have to remember is how difficult it is to setup a camera and record your work and show it to the world. Thank you all for sharing your knowledge and sacrificing your time.